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Every innovation starts with a big idea, but it’s how you tell its story that makes an impact. That’s where we come in. From planning through implementation, we followed a unique strategy to make Ubiquantum an innovative agency. We are a small yet, perfectly formed team of strategists, online marketeers, project managers, designers (the cool stuff) and developers (the geek stuff). We work with a team which is reassuringly geeky, but with a strong business acumen.


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 World is Changing Every Day and So are We, A better Change needs more time, so We are taking it.., We know what you are looking for & We DO.ubiquantum quote right - Suhas Shankarappa, Founder and Director


Our team excels in binding creative thinking with cutting edge innovations. We practice the most efficient and successful business models with flexibility which fits at all.

Our passion may steer the project but the client will be at the heart of everything we do. 


For Enterprises

ubiquantum for enterprises Unique custom solutions for growing IT requirements in large and small enterprises.

For Institutions

ubiquantum for instituitions We help Institutions to address the challenges of administration via our digital services.

For Industry

ubiquantum for developersCustom standalone software system for open Innovation.