Our Mission

"Providing Affordable Web Services to Masses, make use of growing Networking, make things Easier, Accessible using trending Technology."

Our Vision

Ubiquantum Vision "Technology should not limit to Labs. It should be Universally Easy and Accessible by Everyone without discrimination to build a Wealthy and Fair Planet"

Our Philosophy

Ubiquantum Philosophy "We're not here to make fast buck. We have a strategy. We make you look good, because we enjoy being the team that can really make a difference"

What we do?

We partner with you to build online presence that inspires, engages and motivate your market. We are just around the corner launching powerful web tools around the planet.

We help our clients succeed with inspiring experiences and unique content by harnessing the power of mind in everyday life.

We make a strong commitment to Project Management, offering our clients a seamless and smooth service. This in turn awards us with large volumes of repeat business and referrals from happy clients. What often starts with just a website, often leads to longer relations. In fact, over 90% of our clients who initially hired us for a project, have been with us all along.

The Inception!

Ubiquantum was conceptualized as a web development agency in Summer of 2010 by a small group of enthu cutlet who aimed to provide affordable web solutions to masses. Started up in Chikmagalur with a focus on giving you Full Customer Intelligence.  

Our international operations are directed from our business hub at Lancaster, UK to development centre in Bangalore.



See. Believe. Think. Act.

See. The world as one of possibilities rather than constraints

Believe. That you can change the way things are now and create a new set of circumstances.

Think. About the changes required to make meaningful transformation possible and create realistic plan..

Act.To turn your ideas into reality


So what does UBIQUANTUM mean??

So for those curious people out there who want to know what Ubiquantum symbolises, here is the answer,

ubiquantum quote left

 Ubiquantum is derived from Neo-Latin words Ubiquity which mean Omnipresence and Quantum which mean a particle with  a unit of energy.ubiquantum quote right 

Keeping it Simple: It's the Energy which is present Everywhere