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Web Freak

We love the web, and we know the secret behind any great work is to love what we Do. We are the agency with a proven track record for creating websites that have significantly aided in the growth of the client’s business. This only comes from working with a team that have the experience, knowledge, and passion for their work and that’s why our clients love us.

We know how the web can work for your business. From start-ups through to small and medium enterprise. We know how to generate the best results on customer satisfactory budget. To ensure your web projects are successful, our web design process involves a beautiful journey. We focus on driven design, and review your current website and market to design a website that’s optimized to convert. We can also offer a range of maintenance, Search Engine and traffic generation services and opportunities.

Content Management

Content Management is no new concept, but the technology has progressed massively in recent years. Many of our clients already have a CMS (Content Management System), but rarely use them because it’s not flexible enough or generally just a pain in the backside to use.We win a lot of business after we’ve demonstrated our CMS, just because it does exactly what users expect! It’s easy, very flexible and requires practically zero training time.When the need suits, we shall use 3rd Party open-source platforms for rapid development.